Staring A Solid Routine


Before starting Amelia’s weaning process, I didn’t really do any research at all, we kind of just went for it! I had a book on weaning sent from Cow & Gate with money off tokens for baby food; so I decided when in Asda to pick up a few! We started with Grandpa’s Sunday Lunch and some Aptamil baby rice in a box.


 Amelia had been such a mega piglet lately and just constantly wanting bottle after bottle. So this is why we really decided to start her on solids! According to health professionals weaning should start at 6 months old, and some may think 4 months is a bit early but Amelia has taken to it so well!

I’m really impressed with how at ease she has been with feeding from a spoon rather than the bottle teat she is so used to.

So this is Amelia’s general routine (differs slightly when we are out and about and not around a microwave)

7.30am – Wake up and have a 7 ounce bottle

9.00am – Has a bowl of Cow & Gate porridge, rice or fruit; then has another 7 ounce bottle

9.30am – 1.30pm – Bottles on & off

2.00pm – Lunch of a vegetable and meat content. Generally from a Cow & Gate jar. 4/5 ounce bottle.

2.30pm – 4.00pm – Nap time

4.00pm – 10.00pm – Bottles on & off.

9.30pm – 10.30pm – Bottle & bed time.

This has only been her routine for the past week or so; so I am hoping the amount of bottles consumed in a day will lessen soon as she takes more food.

She gets into such a mess when eating because she keeps putting her hands on her mouth and rubbing it all over her face and legs!


After having her solids, I always make sure she has a good drink of water to ensure she is always hydrated and I feel it also makes for a good foundation that she knows whenever she eats, it is followed by a nice long drink. I have been using cool boiled water in her pink Tommee Tippee sippy cup and letting her try to use it herself. It is really entertaining watching her suckling on the handle because she hasn’t figured out how to put the teat into her mouth, and when she gets it there, she pulls it out straight away!! I love watching her learn and try and grow her independence.


How did your child take to weaning?


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