The Dreaded “Mum.. I Need To Talk To You”..

We have some news....

After finding out in July I was pregnant, we have done quite well to keep it quiet – which wasn’t easy! As I was still living at home and my parents still didn’t know about my boyfriend, it’s safe to say I was in no rush to let my parents know about my pregnancy!

When we did the test, I was only around 4 weeks pregnant which was a bit early to go telling people as anything could have happened before we got to the ‘safe zone’ at 12 weeks.

This however, suited us just fine! We were happy to carry on the excitement and secrecy in our own little bubble, and I myself needed a bit of time to accept that I was actually pregnant and be at peace with my decision to continue the pregnancy before creating WW3 and telling my mum and dad!

My mum was no stranger to ‘teen pregnancies’ as she had two sisters that both had children very young (13-15), and also one of her three brothers had two daughters with two young girls (16) when he was no older than 19 himself. Mum has always been very maternal having 4 children herself – and also helping her youngest sister to raise her son so she could continue with school and work, then not long after that, her middle sisters son too.

So with all that in mind, I wasn’t too worried about telling my mother!!

My main concern was telling my dad and his family knowing.. My dad had a completely different upbringing to my mother, and had an older sister that has never carried nor raised a child in her life. They’re all very focused on work – which isn’t a bad thing as such, they have just lost sight of actually living their own lives and creating a happy life. Which is sad when you think about it. As well as their mother, they are all very judgmental to say the least! Old and stuck in their ways would be the best way to describe them! .. Understandably, I was slightly anxious about my dad finding out!

I think by the time I actually managed to get the words out, my mum had pretty much figured out what I was going to tell her.

My parents now knew about my boyfriend (which probably wasn’t much of a surprise either by the time it was confirmed!), and so we were about to drop another bombshell.

I was pregnant.

We were very surprised by their reactions, and my mother soon went crazy buying baby clothes for both boys and girls as it was too early to tell what we having! It was very clear early on how excited my mother was, and my three younger brothers were soon also very excited by the prospect of becoming uncles! Soon, the excitement spread to my aunts, uncles and cousins who were all very supportive.

Well, the hard part was over.. at least for the time being anyway!


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