What NOT To Do When Your Partner Is Pregnant

There are some things you should just know NOT to do when your partner is pregnant. (Well you probably don’t really know but you should!) and so here I am to help. And trust me, this is the second time being pregnant in two years so don’t worry, I’ve got your back..

  1. Do not ask her why she is crying – sometimes it just happens!
  2. Do not try to correct her – she is always right.
  3. Do not disagree with her – she is always right.
  4. Do not tell her she’s put on loads of weight – those a extra 4 stone are all the baby.. Even if it only weighs 8 pounds!
  5. Do not comment on how much she eats – the baby is hungry..
  6. Do not argue – again, she is always right.
  7. Do not suggest ‘helpful’ tips such as calm down or eat less
  8. Do not tell her to exercise – she’s far too tired to walk to the toilet let alone anything else!
  9. Do not tell her to wake up earlier
  10. Do not ask her to pick something up from the floor and pass it to you – especially when she’s about to pop!
  11. Do not comment on her mood, or moods
  12. Do not complain when she refuses to snuggle in bed – she’s probably sweating already!
  13. Do not that think that you are right – you aren’t.
  14. Do not talk to her – to be honest it’s probably just safer if you stop talking altogether.

Thanks for reading! And good luck! 


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