What They Wore – Halloween

On a Friday Amelia and Max go to our local stay and play which Amelia loves! 

This week they held a Halloween party with prizes for best child fancy dress, best adult fancy dress and best carved pumpkin bought on the day.


I was actually really surprised at how many of the parents dressed up and went as a bit of a double act with their child. One lady went as Cruella Deville and her child was a dog!

Of course I knew thought Amelia was by far the cutest toddler and had the best costume and Max definitely was the cutest baby – not that I’m biased of anything! Haha. Anyway, here is What They Wore – Halloween Party Special.


Amelia went as George Pig with his her trusty best friend dinosaur! (I wish I thought about it a bit sooner as I would have got Max a dinosaur costume and he could have been her dinosaur rather than the teddy!) I recently got her these skull & cross bones Slugs n Snails tights which are super cute – even though she was a bit scared of them!

The party was pretty overwhelming for her (and most of the adults children) because there were loads more people there than normal due to advertising. Amelia was a bit of a wuss and was terrified of the costumes and decorations!


Max has been a bit poorly with a cold so I went for something nice and comfortable – a themed babygro. I found this one in Tesco and I love it! It’s so simple yet really cute and because it’s unisex (I think) I got Amelia one too so they can be matching – a great photo op!

I was going to get him a three piece ‘My first halloween’ set from Tesco which I’m glad ibdidnt because three other babies wore them to the party!

There was plenty of lovely party food and singing and dancing at the end as well as some sweets for the children adults to take homes a treat at the end so it was great fun.

Happy Halloween!


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  1. Really cute outfits – I’ve seen that tesco outfit and it is so adorable. I love George too ha ha and dressing up the littlest one as a dinosaur would have been perfect. Next time 🙂 #weekendministyle

  2. What fab Halloween outfits! There’s something so fun about dressing up the kids for Halloween! There seem to be so many Halloween outfits in the shops to choose from this year. It’s really taken off! Thanks so much for linking up with #weekendtotstyle, hope you had a good weekend 🙂 x

    1. Thankyou 🙂 They’re all so lovely at the shops but Amelia is scared of all of them so had to play it safe and go for George pig! Haha. Thanks for commenting 🙂 x

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